Would the Creator listen to us?

If we were made by a Creator, would He pay attention to us? Would He listen when we are speaking aloud or in our minds to Him?

In “The Search for Truth” on this website, you can learn that there is a Creator. You can also read more about His characteristics over there. One of His characteristics is love. He has given us the ability to love others, but He also loves us. When He loves you and me, it is only natural that He should also be concerned about us.

We cannot see our Creator. After all, He is a spiritual being. However, we can assume that He is present everywhere. He knows what we do, what we say and what we are thinking.

How can we get in contact with our Creator?

Prayer is talking to your Creator. This is primarily a conversation with your spirit.

To know who you are talking to, you will have to discover who He is. So you will have to search for the truth about Him. After all, there are many religions, all claiming to represent the truth about the Creator. Therefore, it is better to start with the Creator Himself to discover who He really is.

You will not be disappointed when you truly desire to learn about your Creator. You may even ask Him to show you the truth about Him.

Would He listen?

The Creator has made us all one-of-a-kind. You will never meet a copy of yourself, no matter how hard you are looking. All of our fingerprints, handprints, footprints, the retinas of our eyes and our DNA is unique to every other human being. The fact that each and every human being is a one-of-a-kind, makes me realize that we are all precious and valuable to our Creator.

From my own experience, I know that He listens. I have experienced many times in my life that He pays attention to me. When you learn to trust your Creator, He will respond to you. This does not mean that all of your problems will simply disappear. After all, the behavior of other people also influences your life. And some situations are also necessary to be able to learn and grow from.

Will you get an answer?

Not every question is answered immediately. Occasionally something may become clear in a dream or a vision. Often you experience peace when you are in a difficult situation. Sometimes you notice a situation changing immediately, but on other occasions it can take time. From my experience, the answer to your question can only be found in retrospect. When you later look back on a situation that you have gone through.

I do think that you can only truly communicate with our Creator when you know who He is. And when you believe and trust in Him. If we only want to talk to Him to get our daily problems solved, then you probably won’t get an answer. When you really want to know Him, then you will also experience that He cares about you.

There may also be barriers as to why you don’t get answers to your questions. If you continue reading on this website, I hope you will learn what it takes to really get in contact with our Creator.

Do we have to pray in a special language or form?

There is no particular form for a conversation with your Creator. Nor do you have to pray at a specific time. It is not important that you use certain language or special words. Most important is that you seek Him with your heart and that you speak to Him honestly. You can do so aloud or in your mind. He is a spirit and can therefore understand all forms.

Nowadays there are an enormous amount of distractions around us. To give the Creator your full attention in your conversation, it is best to look for a quiet place. Turn off your phone. If you close your eyes, you can focus better on the conversation. Take time to calm down from the daily rush.

What can we pray for

I am discovering over and over again that our lives are not really about the stuff we have, about our health or our relationships. We like to seek health and prosperity for ourselves or for our loved ones. But in the end, we can’t hold on to any of it. Things deteriorate and your wealth cannot be taken to the grave. Health is a precious possession, but even healthy people will die some day. The Creator has a very different perspective. He wants to share His love with those who are willing to trust and respect Him. He is looking for a relationship with us. That relationship goes even beyond our death.

So would He expect us to pray the same words every time? If you are married then you don’t tell your wife the same story every day, do you? It is the same with God. He wants to hear from us what is on our mind. The things we are grateful for and the things that worry us. If we are willing to trust in Him, He will also show us that He cares for us.

In a good relationship, it is not just about one person. In a good relationship, there is attention to each other and you have something to give to the other. Our Creator seeks a relationship with you. When you talk to Him, you may seek especially for spiritual well-being. He already knows that you have material or physical concerns. You may express these and He also wants to help you with them.

Am I good enough for His attention?

No, actually, you are not! Every human being makes a many mistakes. We lie, cheat, steal, belittle other people, and so on. All of these things that we actually know are not good. We also easily forget about our Creator. We are too busy with our own successes and concerns.

Would the Creator be paying attention to you at all? Probably not. You might think that He pays attention to people who are very kind, help other people, and live very religiously. But you would be wrong to think that

The Creator is not like us. All of your rebellion and lack of attention does not have to be a barrier for talking to our Creator. If you continue reading on this website, I’ll explain more about that.