Some of our projects

Our mission is to help others. Both mentally and spiritually. Our focus is on helping people worldwide though the internet and by supporting local schooling, medical and care projects. On this page you can find some of our latest projects.

Internet Project

Through our internet project we want to help people to find their focus in life and we will support visitors to grow spiritually. Our team is working hard to expand this website and our goal is to make the website available in 10 to 20 languages. We are still looking for sponsors for translations and website development. Project code ALWUJUD


Local projects

We help many local projects wordwide. These projects have various approaches but all of them are focussed to help other people to have a better life.

Allmost all projects are small sized and coördinated by local partners. We never want to be the only supporting partner of a project. As a result, a project is not fully dependent on one donor. In addition, this also means broader supervision of the projects from different angles.

Because we only support small-scale projects, there is little overhead. Our office only has unpaid volunteers and after deduction of the office costs (less than 5% of our budget), all support is used for supporting the projects.

Below is a brief summary of a number of projects that we support.

Childrens Home and Work Project Nairobi

In Nairobi we support a European team of volunteers which provides education and practical training for disadvantaged young people. This provides homeless young people to develop a better future. Project code NA01

Leprocy project Indore India

Leprosy still occurs on a large scale in countries such as India. The patients who are often banished to leper colonies await an uncertain future. We support multiple local organizations that take care of leprosy patients. The volunteers from these local organizations offer medical and mental help to the patients. Project code IN08

Suicide Prevention Councelling Chennai India

In Chennai (India) we support the work of a local organization that provides first aid to people having suicidal thoughts. Through a special telephone number, assistance can be provided 24 hours a day to people who need immediate assistance. Many suicides have already been prevented in this way.

Often a situation seems hopeless and a good conversation can offer hope for people who have lost hope for the future. Project code IN10

Education Projects

We support short educational projects in various countries in Asia, Africa and America. During these 1 or multi-year training courses, students are trained and learn valuable knowledge and experience to enter a better future. Sharing knowledge and experience with the local residents is also an important part of these courses. Myanmar Project code MM01; Pakistan Project code PA03

Childrens Homes

We help children’s homes in Asia and Africa, and other continents. Way too many children live on the street in many countries. Sometimes their parents are too poor to take care of them. Or the parents are alcoholics or taking drugs. Usually they use these drugs to forget their own misery. The children are the victims of this situation and end up on the street where they themselves often get into drugs and alcohol. Fortunately in several cities there are volunteers who look after these children and they try to offer them a better future. Through education, food and attention these children get a opportunity to change their lives. Nepal Project code NE07, ET02 Childrens Home Ethiopia, Bolivia Project code BO01

Daycare Center Chennai India

In Chennai, India, we support day care for young (street) children. During the daycare they receive training, food and lessons about practical matters, such as hygiene, norms and values. Project code IN12

Disaster relief

Floods occur regularly in countries such as India and Bangladesh. If we have local contacts in the affected areas, we can support them so that they can buy and hand out emergency aid packages. Often thousands of people have to leave their homes and they have lost everything. An emergency aid package including some food and blankets can then help with the first emergency. Project code IC01

Student Training Netherlands

At various universities in the Netherlands, students are invited to not only study their subject, but also to develop knowledge about spiritual matters. During joint meetings between students and coaches, knowledge is shared and life views are exchanged. Project code NL05

Refugee help

Helping and first aid for refugees. Occasionally we support the help for refugees who have to flee their own country due to war situations or other emergencies. The assistance may consist of food distribution, medical assistance or assistance with the processing of traumas. Project code REF01

Other projects

We support various other projects and people on all continents. Because the privacy and safety of all our contacts we do not mention any names or addresses on our website. If you wish more information about a project, please contact us.

Do you also want to help?

It would be great if you also will be involved in one of the above or other projects. If you would like to support a project, please have a look at our donation page or contact us by email:


Help for leprosy patients
Education Project Myanmar
Flood relief India