Same God, different names?

Do we all worship the same God?

A lot of people believe that we all worship the same God. Muhammad repeatedly said that he was talking about the same God who had sent Adam, Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Could it be that all Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and other religious people actually worship the same God? But everyone in their own way?

We cannot see our Creator. Could we, however, discover more about Him and His characteristics? There are many thousands of different religions, all convinced that they have the right image of the Creator. So how can we find out what is the truth? Or do all of the religions show a part of the Truth?

The Blind Men and the Elephant

There is a well-known story of a couple of blind men. The men stand around an elephant. The first man touches a leg and describes a thick rough tree. The second blind man stands by the trunk and describes a long ribbed snake. The third man is touching the tail and describes a piece of rope with a fluffy end.

They all describe the same elephant. Would it be the same with our Creator? Would every religion describe some of the characteristics of the Creator?

Too bad for the nice example. But unfortunately, we cannot apply this to the differences between religions. Some religions assume one Creator, one God. Other religions believe there are several gods or that we are ourselves gods. There are also many different views on the characteristics of the Creator or gods. These views are so different and contradictory that they cannot be united into “one elephant”.


It would also be strange for the Creator to present Himself in different forms. It would also be impossible for the Creator to present Himself in different ways that contradict each other.

The God of the Bible and the Qur’an

It is often thought that the God of the Bible and that of the Qur’an are the same. Muhammad repeatedly said that he proclaimed the same God who sent Adam, Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Yet there are major differences between the image of God in Islam and the image of God in the Bible. The Qur’an describes Jesus (Isa) as a prophet and the Bible speaks of Jesus as the Son of God.

Find the truth about our Creator

If there are so many differences and contradictions between religions, how can you discover the Truth? 

When you sincerely seek the truth about our Creator, He will show it to you. I want to challenge you to do this search for yourself. The main story on this website is to help you on your journey of discovery. I hope you will reach your destination!