Leprocy Help

In several Indian cities we support Leprocy projects. We would like to share the short story about one of the lepars who is taken care of by our local partner team in India;

One of the ladies whose name is Tagadibi (age 65) had been affected by leprosy for almost 30 years. Back then, when her family realized the leprosy started with her, they abandoned her and just put her on the street.

This way, Tagadibi spent about 8 years homeless, begging on the streets. Finally, through some friends, we were informed about her situation.

At that moment, Tagadibi was in a very bad state. The friends who got us connected with her came and asked us: “Can you take care of her, otherwise she will probably soon die.” So we brought this lady into our leprosy home where she regularly receives care: In this place, she gets food, shelter and daily medical care.

The leprosy home from this testimony carries the name “Loving Care House”. It is a place where elder people with leprosy like Thagadibai are provided for medically but also spiritually and emotionally. In this country, old people with leprosy background are very often put out of their own family and left on the streets due to fear that the leprosy would affect the other family members also.