Flood relief India

October 2018 there was a complete devastation in many places in Kerala state (India). The flooding has been due to a low-pressure zone above the southern peninsula, causing prolonged rainfall in Kerala most of last week (week commencing 13 August 2018). The flooding has been widely described as the worst in the last century, with notable comparisons to the catastrophic floods of 1924. As floods and landslides have engulfed households and farmland, more than 375 people have died. A large majority of the people died due to landslides caused by the floods. With an estimated 1.2 million people were in temporary shelters (souce: Reuters). Further issues have continued for many as shelters face shortages of water and medical supplies, given that roads are impassable in certain areas (souce: BBC UK). In some places, young children and the elderly have been airlifted to safety. Total economic losses are estimated more than 3 billion USD.

Relief Camp

When the flood water was high and houses submerged under water, people were helpless and they scattered here and there and were looking for shelters and camps. Most of the camps were overcrowded and that’s the time our local partners were able to make a facility to be used by the government as a relief camp. There were 130+ people living in the camp, our local partners cooked 3 meals for them, provided clothes, water and medicines and other immediate necessities. As these 130+ people went back to their homes they provided them with immediate necessities in order to restart their homes, they gave them items like food, clothes, mattress, blankets etc.

Extended hand of help for nearly 300 families

The team of volunteers trained several other volunteers such that they were prepared to take up any tasks that comes before them.

  • The team helped 22 families to clean up their houses which were completely submerged under water.
  • Many houses were damaged partially and some of them were completely damaged, the team helped repair 10 houses which were partially damaged by the flood water.
  • After the flood water slightly receded our team reached out to the families who were stranded at various places with food, mattress, blankets, drinking water, medicine, clothes, vessels, blankets and other necessary items.