A better life

Life is short. How meaningful is your life right now? Do you want to discover how you can have a (even more) valuable life for yourself and others?

What is really important in life?

Do you also think there is more to life? Are you restless inside? Then join us in our search for inner rest and peace. Read the main story and discover how your life can become more meaningful.

Find out why your life is important…

Are you satisfied with your life?

Your life is important. You do not exist without reason. Maybe you are facing many problems in life. Then it is extra important to know why you live. Find out what will give true satisfaction…

Why do I exist?

No vague answers. We all want a clear answer to the question why we do exist. Is there a proper explanation? Yes there is! Learn more…

Too busy?

What if today is your last day in life? Would you be satisfied with what you do today? Don’t wait any longer to learn how to have a very valuable life and future.

Does your life have a purpose?

Maybe you think your life doesn’t matter. How do you think of life? Are we created by a higher power or is our life the result of evolution? And how does that affect your view on the meaning of your life? Discover your purpose today

About Al Wujud

‘Al Wujud’ is Arabic for ‘existence’. That is what this website is about. What makes our existence valuable? How can we help eachother to live a life that matters. We offer you a helping hand to make your life more valuable. Why? Because we ourselves have found our purpose and we would like to give every person the opportunity to grow. Together we can contribute to a better world. Everyone in our own community.


Our projects

The Al Wujud website is a News About Foundation project. Our foundation helps people deal with life’s challenges. Besides our online activities we also support educational, medical and food aid projects in several countries. Learn more about these projects