The journey of your life

I’d like to take you on a trip. It is a journey of discovery, in which I want to show you some interesting findings that are important in life.

You can read the story in the next 8 short chapters, but you can also (first) read the summary… The choice is yours.

Chapter 1 ~ How it all started

The day I started writing this story for you, it is a beautiful spring day. I’m sitting in our garden where the flowers are fully blooming and later on I saw a beautiful butterfly fluttering from flower to flower … The butterfly lands on a large yellow flower and feeds on the nectar. I just had to take a closer look at the butterfly. From close up I got surprised about all the details. Such a small insect but with such a beautiful shape and great colors! After it was finished, it flew away with a thick layer of pollen on his hairy body … His journey went on to the next flower.

Did you know that there are 400,000 different types of flowers and plants on earth? Can you imagine? I am still amazed how many differences there are between the flowers I see. They have beautiful colors and every specie has its own shape.

Because I was amazed at all these differences, I started to study nature. All the differences you can see are awesome, but the systems that make plants, animals and people live are even more amazing!

A Blueprint of our Body

Our body consists of billions of cells and every cell in your body contains DNA. This DNA is the manual, the blueprint of our body. It determines -for example- how you look, the color of your hair and eyes and what function a cell should have.

The first cell that starts our life is already stuffed with this full list of instructions. It describes how your body should be built, with a head, arms, legs, and much more. But it also shows how all cells, organs and limbs of your body need to work together. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

The DNA is the code for life, similar to the code that is used to compose computer software. It is difficult to imagine what the code of DNA looks like. Researchers have found that if you were to write the DNA in a book, you would need more than 3000 thick books for human DNA. Another researcher explains that it would take about 30 years to read the information from the DNA, if you would read every day, day and night. And that is all hidden in every cell of my body!

Did Life Originate by Chance?

Many scientists assume that life on earth has arisen by chance. However, more and more scientists recognise that DNA is very complex and it’s impossible DNA originated from a series of coincidences. You can compare it with the code for the Windows Software. Would it be possible that a series of coincidences would create a code that would resemble a working version of Windows? A program to which thousands of programmers have worked on? And even so, the code of Windows is even shorter than the code of human DNA.

No code has ever been discovered that has not been designed. A software program has never been created from scratch. A musical composition has never arisen by accident because a lot of notes happened to be in the right order.

How can it be possible that we exist?