Does God exist?

Almost everyone at one point or another in their life asks themselves the question whether there is a God. Whether you come from a religious family or whether you were raised as an atheist.

That is not surprising, because everyone is curious about his origin. Why do I exist and does my life actually have meaning? Does it matter what I do with my life, or should I just make sure that I have a nice and fun life?

Why do we wonder about the meaning of our lives?

Apparently there is a need deep down in our being for an answer to that question. Is my life meaningful? And am I doing well? If our life is completely useless, what’s the point of that question? If our existence makes no sense, why should so many people have that question?

If you grew up in a religious family, then you probably received an explanation for your existence. it’s healthy to wonder at some point in your life if that’s the right explanation. Is the explanation of our existence that you grew up with the truth? There are, after all, thousands of religions on Earth. Are you with the right one? After all, every religion has a different explanation for our existence and every religion has a different god or more gods.

If you are an atheist, you assume that there is no god or creator. Most atheists believe that life originated through evolution. But that theory also has its shortcomings and does not provide a watertight explanation for our origin. Evolution also does not answer the question of why we exist.

The astonishing nature

Take a good look around you. Look at the flowers, the insects, the trees and the birds in the sky. They are all different, yet they all need each other. Bees cannot survive without flowers. A flower cannot reproduce without bees. It is amazing how everything works together.

But even if you look at the human body under a microscope, you will discover that there is also a whole world to discover there. Cells that are actually small factories and that work together. Cells that can self-replicate and collectively develop into limbs and organs. This whole interplay ultimately ensures that we can exist as human beings. It is all so overwhelming that you can hardly imagine that it all came into existance by a lot of coincidence and a lot of time.

Did everything arise out of nothing?

If you believe that we originated from a big bang, the question remains what caused that bang. And the question remains unanswered as to where the matter came from. Matter that has been set in motion by the Big Bang. After all, it’s not really scientific to explain that “something” arises from “nothing”.

Nature is so intricately put together that it can hardly be denied that there is a design behind it. And a design is not possible without a designer. After all, chance does not create order, only chaos. So there must be a designer behind all systems.

Life cannot arise from dead matter. No scientist has yet demonstrated that life can be “resurrected” from dead matter. That life can be made from chemical components by means of various processes.

There are many other clues to mention. Whether you look at the functioning of the universe or at the smallest particles of life.

It is not only nature that points to a designer’s existence. Also, the fact that we know “good” and “evil” cannot be explained without a solid basis for what “good” is. Even the fact that we can think and reason about this cannot be explained without the existence of a designer.

There are just too many clues

There is so much evidence pointing to the existence of a Creator that the evidence is hard to deny. You can ignore them, but that certainly won’t answer the question of why we exist.

If you become convinced that there is a designer, a creator of the universe and the earth, your next question is probably: Who is that Creator? And how can I find out why he created me?

Even if you doubt the existence of such a creator but are still looking for an answer to the question of why you exist, I would like to invite you on a journey of discovery. During this journey we will seek answers to your question whether there is a creator and if so, who it is. And we will search for an answer to the question of why we exist?

I promise you it will be an exciting and educational journey. Are you coming along with me?