• Would the Creator listen to us?

    If we were made by a Creator, would He pay attention to us? Would He listen when we are speaking aloud or in our minds to Him? In “The Search for Truth” on this website, you can learn that there is a Creator. You can also read more about His characteristics over there. One of His characteristics is love. He has given us the ability to love others, but He also loves us. When He loves you and me, it is only natural that He should also be concerned about us. We cannot see our Creator. After all, He is a spiritual being. However, we can assume that He is…

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    The life of Jesus

    Jesus Christ [1] was born in Israel about 2000 years ago. You can read all about this in the Bible, for example in the Gospel of Luke. Centuries before, the coming of a Savior was announced by a number of prophets. His birth Jesus came to earth. He was born to a mother just like any other human being. But there was one big difference between Him and everyone else. His mother Mary was not conceived by a man. God’s Holy Spirit conceived the child in her. A unique combination of the divine and the human. He was given the name Jesus (which means Savior) and was also called the…

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    Did someone else die on the cross?

    There are some people who believe that someone else died on the cross instead of Jesus Christ. Some say it was Judas, the disciple who betrayed Jesus. Others say it was Simon of Cyrene, the man ordered by the Romans to carry the cross for Jesus. A look-alike? Based on a verse in the Qur’an (Sura 4:157), it is argued that Jesus would have been replaced by a look-alike. The most important question in that regard is, why would God replace Jesus with someone else? The entire Bible points to the coming of a Savior. The gospels and the eyewitness reports of his disciples, clearly describe why Jesus came to…

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    Can God die?

    In the Bible, there is much told about Jesus Christ. He has been God Himself coming to earth as a human being. He died in order to carry the punishment for our sins. Every person who repents for their sinful behavior and who believes that Jesus died for these sins, no longer has to bear the burden themselves. Because of the death of Jesus, forgiveness by God is made possible. But how could it be possible for God to die? Who has been running the universe in the meantime? The answer to this question is found in the essence of God. The Bible describes the 3 persons who are part…

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    Online Bibles & Learn more

    If you are looking for more information, we can recommend the following websites Read the bible online Bible.com The Bible in almost any language Biblica.com Another online bible website in many languages CityBibles bible app Online bible study tool (online and App) in 50+ languages ArabicBible.com Arabic bible (with possibility to order free bible) and intersting articles for Muslims Learn more about God and Jesus Christ Biblword.net (Many interesting articles and Free courses with mentor) Jesus.net (Many interesting articles and Free courses with mentor)

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    A Prayer for You!

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to pray for you! When you visit this page I will get a message and I will pray for you. . I would like to pray for any specific needs as well. In the following ways you can share with me what I can pray for: Send an email to prayer@alwujud.com and tell me what I can pray for Or fill out the form below. You can sent it anonymously. I will pray for you! . Your prayer request