Chapter 2 ~ No accident?

It would seem obvious that life did not come into being by accident. There is just too much proof. Just the fact that our DNA contains so much information that you need thousands of books to write it all down is enough.

Could all this information have come into being by accidental chemical processes? Random processes only lead to chaos. Look at a piece of music: if you wrote down a series of random musical notes, you would never get a nice melody. It will be a terrible collection of separate sounds. If you combine a number of random musical notes, you will never create a beautiful piece of music.

But if life cannot have come into being by accident, then it must have been designed. And if there is a design, there must be a designer.


A Designer of Life?

What do you think? If your body is so unbelievably complex, could it have been designed? And if your body is designed, do you want to discover more about the designer?

The designer must be a very creative and brilliant being. The beauty and complexity of the world and the universe – an endless space with stars and planets, and the earth with an enormous number of different plants, animals and people.

You may begin to wonder why we are made. Would our life have a purpose? Would the designer of everything have a purpose for my life? Or would the designer no longer care about what is happening here on earth?

Deep inside

Before I started to think about these things, I always had a feeling deep inside that there is more than we can see with our eyes. Do you recognize that feeling? If you do not know exactly how your life started and why you are alive, you may have an empty feeling inside. I think everyone feels the need to discover the purpose of our life.

If we do not know the purpose of our life, we miss something. Many people try to hold that feeling down by working hard, spending time with family and friends or even by turning to alcohol or drugs. The uneasy feeling may be gone for a while, but sooner or later it will come back.

The great mystery

The quest to discover why we exist, is a valuable one. I would like to tell you more about the amazing things I discovered about the designer.

I would like to take you along in my search for the answers to the important questions in life. I promise it will be a valuable journey. Will you join me?