Chapter 2 ~ No coincidence?

It became clear to me that life cannot have originated by chance. The examples are overwhelming. Such as the fact that DNA cannot possibly be the result of a series of accidental chemical processes.

Because random processes will lead to chaos. Just look at a piece of music: If you were to randomly change a note each time, it will not become a beautiful composition. It will become a compilation of terrible sounds! And when you put a lot of musical notes together, it will not become a beautifully composed piece of music.

If life can not be originated by chance, then life must have been designed. And a design requires a designer.

A Designer of Life?

If life has been designed, then I’d like to know more about the designer and why we were made?

The designer must be a very creative and brilliant architect. Have a look around and realize how special the world and its environment is… an endless universe with stars, planets and on the earth an indescribable variety of life.

Many questions arise…

  • Why were we made?
  • Would there be a purpose for our lives?
  • Is the Creator still concerned with his creation?

An empty life?

I have noticed that most people deep down in their hearts know that there is more than we just observe. We are all looking for the purpose of our existence. Many people experience an emptiness in their lives when they do not know what their purpose is.

We miss something. Many people try to suppress this feeling of emptiness by working hard, by having many friends or by taking drinks or drugs. The feeling of emptiness may disappear for a while, but sooner or later it will pop up again.

The Big Mystery

I want to take you along in this quest and tell you about the amazing things I have discovered about the designer! I have discovered solid answers to my questions about life.

I hope that you will join in the search for answers to the most important questions in our lives. I promise you it will be a valuable journey!