Chapter 2 ~ No coincidence?

It is now clear to me that life did not come about by chance. The examples are overwhelming. If you just consider that our DNA contains so much information that it would take thousands of books to put all that information on paper.

Could this information have been generated by chance chemical processes? Random processes only lead to chaos. Take a look at a piece of music: If you would write many random musical notes after eachother, you would never get a nice melody. It will be a collection of terrible sounds! When you put a lot of musical notes together, you never just create a beautiful sounding piece of music.

But if life could not have come about by chance, then life must have been designed. And a design requires a designer.

A Designer of Life?

What do you think? If your body is so special, would it have been designed? And if our body was designed, would you like to discover more about the designer?

In any case, the designer must be a very creative and brilliant being. How incredible are the world and the universe… an endless universe with stars, planets and the earth with a huge variety of plants, animals and people.

The question of why we are made may also start to itch. Could there be a purpose to our lives? Would the designer of everything have a purpose in my existence? Or would the designer no longer interfere with what is happening here on earth?

Deep inside…

Before thinking about this, I always had a feeling deep inside that there is more than we can see. Do you recognize that feeling? If you don’t know where you come from and what the purpose is of your life, you can experience that as an empty feeling inside. I think that every person needs to discover what’s the real purpose of our existence.

If we don’t know our purpose, then we’re missing something. Many people try to suppress that feeling of emptiness by working hard, by socializing with family or friends or perhaps drinking or drugs. With that, the feeling seems to disappear for a while, but sooner or later it will pop up again.

The Big Mystery

I want to take you along in this quest and tell you about the amazing things I have discovered about the designer! I have discovered solid answers to my questions about life.

I hope that you will join in the search for answers to the most important questions in our lives. I promise you it will be a valuable journey! Will you join me on this trip?