Chapter 1 ~ Why our life is meaningful

It’s a beautiful spring day as I start writing this story for you. I sit in our garden where the flowers in full bloom and see a beautiful butterfly flutter from flower to flower … The butterfly lands on a large yellow flower and indulges in the nectar. I carefully walk up to it and look at the butterfly closely. What a beautiful shape and special colors! After he is done, he flies away again with a thick layer of pollen on his hairy body. His journey continues to the next flower …

Did you know that there are 400,000 different types of flowers and plants on earth? Can you imagine? I am still amazed how many differences there are between the flowers I see. They have beautiful colors and every specie has its own shape.

Because I was amazed at all these differences, I started to study nature. All the differences you can see are awesome, but the systems that make plants, animals and people live are even more amazing!

A Blueprint of our Body

Let’s get under the skin of our own bodies. It is fascinating to discover how very complicated our own body is.

Our body consists of billions of cells and every cell in your body contains DNA. This DNA is the manual, the blueprint of our body. Thanks to the DNA, our body can develop from 1 small cell into a baby and eventually into an adult human. A human with a head, arms, legs, eyes, ears, brain and so much more!

The first cell with which every human life begins, contains all the information that is necessary to grow into a complete human being. A person who is not only a well-functioning machine, but who is also able to think for himself.

You could compare the DNA with the code of a computer program. That code was written to make your computer work. The code ensures that you can write e-mails, visit websites and play games with the computer.

Researchers have calculated that if you were to write down human DNA in a book, you would need more than 1 million pages 1! That’s more than 2500 books! And that code is in every cell of our body!2

Did Life Originate by Chance?

Many scientists assume that life on earth has arisen by chance. They believe that life was created through a series of small steps and chemical processes. However, more and more scientists recognise that DNA is very complex and it’s impossible DNA originated from a series of coincidences.

Let’s go back to the comparison with the code for a computer program. Could it be a coincidence that a code similar to Microsoft Windows would be created? Windows 10’s code contains an amount of programming language similar in length to human DNA 3 4.

To create this program, thousands of programmers were required, each writing part of the code.

No code has never been discovered that has not been designed. No computer program has ever grown spontaneously. There is always a need for a design. If our DNA is at least as complex as a computer program, how can it be that we exist?

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